The MCM approach is centered on a consultative process that begins with understanding and evaluating a client’s investment needs, ability to tolerate risk, and any unique circumstances that apply to their situation. The process is continual and responsive to changes in financial markets and changing client needs. Our objective is to provide clients with independent and unbiased advice that results in a clear understanding of their investment program thereby helping them make progress toward their investment goals.

The MCM fee only compensation structure is transparent and straightforward. We have no conflicts of interest. Additionally, MCM believes in giving back to the community through a special lower fee schedule for endowments and foundations. Lower fees help endowments and foundations apply a greater portion of their investment earnings to the programs they support. This is especially important in today’s low interest rate environment.

The structure of our firm allows for a true unconstrained approach to the investment process. Clients have the option of retaining their current custodian.* MCM is able to work with a number of industry leading custodians thereby simplifying the transition to a new investment advisor. MCM believes in full open architecture, permitting the selection of best in class investment solutions for your needs. Clients no longer have to settle for an in house proprietary investment offering that is found at traditional investment firms. The result is, that the interests of MCM are directly aligned with those of our clients.

The privacy of our clients is of utmost importance. The communities in which our clients live may be large cities, but in reality, they often fell like small towns where everyone knows everyone else. MCM is a boutique firm that does not employ dozens of associates who would come in contact with your personal financial information. You can rest assured that your information and your relationship with MCM will remain completely confidential.


*Certain restrictions apply